I love making moving images - images that hopefully can move us to feel and think differently about the world around us. 

I work as a live action director and motion graphics artist.

I've been hired by some wonderful production companies, agencies and corporate clients across Ireland, the U.K. and overseas. My work has been broadcast on MTV, BBC Northern Ireland, Channel 4, CBBC, UTV and RTE.  I've been part of a BAFTA Award winning post production team for JAM Media's "Roy" (CBBC), and won a SHARK Award for my promo work for the BBC.

Creating great video is always a collaboration - listening and communicating effectively, long before cameras turn over. It's also about creating a positive energy that fuels the project throughout the journey from initial brief to final delivery. And, despite the challenges, it can and should be fun.

That's enough about me.

Tell me about your story, vision or dream. If it's any good it will probably need more than a text, so drop me a line.

I'll put the kettle on.